Wife, sister friend, auntie, cheerleader, teacher, home maker, decorator,  cleaner, organizer, chef, hostess, mompreneur and the list goes on…

Smart enough to make the millions, bare the kids and get back to business.

*Featuring Velvetena M.D. Desk*

Serenity Wellness Center & Hospital Dr. Brownee’s Office


LOTD: 22018

Jacket & Pants: Magissa by //Ascend// Ascend

Shoes: Nierembergia by #Empire Empire

Hair: Rumor by TRUTH TRUTH Hair

Glasses: Glam Mouthpiece {platinum} previous group gift from #Addiction [closed]

Desk: PlayMD Office by .::Velveltena::. Velvetena Store

  • Desk comes in 2 versions: PG & XXX each w/ color change options and props
  • XXX version adjusts perfectly with AEROS cocks & uses the MINE BODY CUM system

This desk! Whoooo..perfect for business & pleasure…trust the doctor on this 😉




Second Life



After a long week of work, sorority meetings, daycare pick ups, lacrosse practice and games…I was Tiyyyyyard with a capital T.  Hubby calls after their win today and wants a celebratory breakfast *sighs*

Puts the bacon & sausage in the oven…pours a cup of chai tea.   At the end of the day and week..the best part will be after breakfast.



Tank set: Tasty Treat by TKO Designs TKO Boutique

  • Tank set fits Slink (all)|Belleza (all)|Maitreya w/ eight change hud

Hair: ici by Analog Dog Analog Dog Hair

Bracelets: Venus by **RE** RealEvil Industries

Necklace: Devotion by **RE** {previous event release} RealEvil Industries

Mug: Coffee Mug by #Foxy {previous event release} #Foxy Store




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Almost There

Eight months down…almost there…

Today I wanted to visit my girls and have a girl PARTY.  Chill by the pool, sip fruity colorful drinks, eat all things greasy, spank a butt or two in UNO and laugh at the men in our lives.  Called my girls, head out only to have to pee for the 3rd time in 30 minutes.  *sigh*  I promise I’ll get there soon..save a colada for me…



Shorts Set: Sporty Spice by TKO Level Up Event

Hair: Ember by TRUTH TRUTH Hair

Sandals: 4Lexi by KC Couture KC Couture



Never Hide Your Wings

Never Hide Your Wings

For without them, you would not have flown above the past.

Always show them…

For they are the strength that you become.


Romper ~ {le fil casse} Daniella Romper (pink floral) April Round of Fameshed Fameshed

Headpiece ~ Persefona Tango Wreath (baby pink) Persefona on MP

Hair ~ Austen by TRUTH Truth on MP

Butterfly Collectors Box ~ Stockholm & Lima Collectors Box #9 April Round of Epiphany Epiphany


Call Me Oya

Mack likes to take us dancing, tell jokes and caress bean.  Me?  I love reading books, playing music and sharing stories with bean.  I promise lil’ bean will know mommy’s African roots and daddy’s Irish heritage.  Today’s trip was to the beautiful sim of Africa to explore the N’Ginga gallery to learn more about African Gods and Goddesses.


Africa Love_001Africa Love_002Africa Love_003



Shirt:  African Love by TKO Designs (Kiosk in Africa) TKO-Africa

{Fitted Mesh for 3Belleza/2Slink/TMP/Maitreya}

Jeans + Suspenders: Jana Fatpack{Group Gift} by Scandalize Scandalize

Shoes: Nenya Heels by KC Couture KC Couture

Hair: Kaleidoscope by Soonsiki Soonsiki

Where to Visit:

Africa full role-play sim~

  • City of Loanda- features hotel, beach, restaurant, Kizomba club, Beira-Mar condo, N’Ginga Gallery, shopping Loanda
  • Island of Mussulo –  features sailing boats, wind & kite surfing, jet skis, bumper boats, scuba diving Mussulo
  • Kwanza National Park – features a jungle and safari w/tour guide Kwanza


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Who knew I had this much love stored up?  Definitely loving the experience of impeding motherhood with my love.  Today marks three months, to celebrate making it over the first trimester hump we decided to visit a special park.

Butterfly Effect-1_003

Let’s just say we’ll be back after baby gets here…right now mommy is tired 😀Butterfly Effect-1_004 LOTD:

Dress: Butterfly Effect by TKO Designs TKO                                                                                  (fitted mesh for Belleza All/Slink All/TMP/Matrieya)

Hair: Glamp by Analog Dog Analog Dog

Head Jewel: Marefa (Gold) by Soedara  Soedara MP

Place to Visit: Gardens by the Bay Gardens by the Bay

Press Play>> Beyonce feat. Jay – Z & DJ Khaled- Shining           Shining